May 29, 2020| and Moutai Team Up to Promote Omnichannel Sales during 618


by Tracy Yang

Jianjun Yang, Deputy General Manager of Moutai Group, visited on May 18th. He had a deep discussion with Carol Fung, president of JD FMCG Omnichannel on further strengthening cooperation in products, marketing, omnichannel and supply chain.

Concerning future cooperation, especially during’s 618 Anniversary Grand Promotion, the two sides reached a multi-faceted agreement covering many business levels: implementing converged marketing, jointly developing marketing initiatives through new channels and new methods, and comprehensively optimizing products to educate young customersand to promote omnichannel sales.

Jianjun Yang, Deputy General Manager of Moutai Group, visited on May 18th.

At the meeting, Yang pointed out, “ is one of the key partner enterprises of Moutai and the two sides should cooperate closely this year and jointly develop in a market-oriented and sustainable way.”

Fung said that the cooperation between and Moutai is a deep and comprehensive, all-channel cooperation, and the two sides should work together to expand the breadth of the partnership and strengthen joint innovation and development., as a supply chain-based technology and service enterprise, will make use of its technology and service advantages to provide consumers with a high-quality and efficient shopping experience and promote a new round of growth in consumption of high-end liquor, represented by Moutai.