May 29, 2020|

JD Farm Adds 10 Agriculture Projects


by Ling Cao

JD Farm has added 10 agriculture projects to help farmers get through the epidemic. The programs cover wolfberries from Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, rice from Yunnan province, etc.

Leveraging big data, AI, IoT and sales channels, JD Farm has now cooperated on 28 farm projects nationwide.

Although COVID-19 has posed sales challenges for local agricultural products, JD’s technology-driven approach and supply chain have helped producers maintain stability.  Agricultural products on JD sold out quickly, according to internal data.

“We hope to leverage JD’s capability to help more farmers produce high quality local products. This way, more young people will be willing to work in the countryside,” said Zhiwei Qiao, head of JD Farm.

Profit margins for “Wuchang” rice from Heilongjiang province produced in traditional farming methods are very thin. Cooperating with JD Farm, however, the entire production process can be traceable and all products are produced according to high standards, increasing product quality. From October 2019 to now, sales volume of the product has increased nearly two times compared with same period last year, prior to cooperating with JD.

JD Farm will continue to leverage smart solutions to help more farmers digitally manage their farms and promote the overall digitalization of the agricultural industry.