Aug 19, 2020| and Wanda Hotels and Resorts Form Crossover Partnership


by Ling Cao

On August 18th, J.Zao,’s in-house consumer goods and lifestyle brand, and Wanda Moments, a mid-level hotel brand under Wanda Hotels and Resorts, jointly launched a cooperated hotel in Ningbo, Zhejiang province. The hotel project represents deeper and more creative cooperation following the joint membership agreement JD PLUS, JD’s premium membership program and Wanda formed last year.

Xiaosong Wang, senior vice president at said, “In addition to online channels, JD wants to explore more opportunities and scenarios to serve not only JD’s existing customers, but also potential customers. The partnership with Wanda Moments is a great trial.”

The brand new hotel combines J.Zao’s capabilities in product development, supply chain, as well as Wanda’s capabilities in scenarios and experience building, in order to provide customers with comfortable, convenient and personalized experience. The hotel can also serve as a place for rest, shopping eating, reading, socializing and shared work.

The lobby of the hotel is a “boundaryless” space, in which J.Zao’s products covering home furnishing, daily necessities, home appliances and digital products are displayed. It can also work as exhibition and event location.

J.Zao,’s in-house consumer goods and lifestyle brand, and Wanda Moments

JD and Wanda have designed 40 J.Zao themed hotel rooms, in which everything from toiletries and wireless chargers to home appliances are all from J.Zao. JD has also upgraded the room with smart devices. Smart home service in the room powered is by JD Whale, JD’s IoT platform. Customers can easily control devices and services in the room. Both parties have also designed a joint product, the WanVita crossover coffee cup.

JD has also upgraded the room with smart devices.

Apart from the cooperation in hotel design and concept, both parties have strengthened membership benefits by setting up special channel on JD’s J.Zao store, in which Wanda Club’s Gold card members can redeem membership points for products. In addition, customers who try a product at the hotel can buy it online at the J.Zao store, and have JD Logistics deliver to their doorsteps.

Leveraging its supply chain capability and big data driven customer profile, JD has helped promote digitization in the offline retail, hotel and other industries.