Jan 25, 2024|

JD.com Becomes the Exclusive Interactive Partner for CMG 2024 Spring Festival Gala

JD.com announced on January 24 that the company has become the exclusive interactive partner of China Media Group (CMG) 2024 Spring Festival Gala. Users who log into the JD.com app while watching the Gala will have the chance to win gifts including 100 million pieces of New Year’s merchandise and usage rights for cars.

Viewers who have not yet downloaded the JD.com app will need to download it in advance to participate in the interactive activities

The Spring Festival Gala, also known as “Chunwan,” first aired in 1983 and is broadcasted every Chinese New Year Eve to billions of people around the world. The 2023 Spring Festival Gala attracted 11 billion views, capturing over 76 percent of China’s TV market share, and attracted 188 million viewers on various digital platforms. Renowned for its diverse and captivating performances, the Gala has become a global phenomenon, uniting billions in celebration.

This year marks the second time JD.com will sponsor the Spring Festival Gala. During the 2022 Gala, 1.5 billion RMB ($240 million USD) in virtual red envelopes and physical gifts were distributed amid 69.1 billion times of interactions within JD’s app. Users under the age of 35 contributed to over 56% of the total interactive volume, surpassing the annual average on JD’s app.

Consistently dedicated to bringing consumers more affordable products and better services, JD.com recently launched its Chinese New Year Grand Promotion. Kicking off on January 17, this promotion offers a wide range of high-quality products tailored for the Spring Festival, with a special emphasis on dragon-themed items. Searches for dragon-related products on JD.com have surpassed 23 million since January, with dragon-themed Moutai, commemorative coins, and clothing leading the trend.

Since the start of JD.com’s Chinese New Year Grand Promotion, the transaction volume of dragon-themed products in more than 800 sub-categories on JD.com has soared by more than 10 times compared to the previous year. The significant uptick underscores the cultural resonance and consumer enthusiasm for the Year of the Dragon.

This year marks the twelfth consecutive year of JD providing continuous doorstep delivery service throughout the Chinese New Year holiday. Our commitment to excellence ensures that customers across China can continue to enjoy the same swift and reliable delivery experience they have come to trust. With our efficient logistics network, morning orders become afternoon deliveries, right to your doorstep, even on New Year’s Day.