Mar 31, 2020| Celebrates JOY’s 7th Birthday

by Tracy Yang and Rachel Liu

On March 30th, JOY, a happy image of a dog created by, celebrated his 7th birthday.

On that same day in 2013, when became the official domain name of the company, JOY, at that time a metal dog, made its debut. Dogs are famous for being loyal to their owners, and Joy represents integrity, and is an embodiment of’s commitment to providing authentic products and fast delivery to Chinese consumers.

Lei Xu, CEO of JD Retail, posted “I am actually the father of the concept of JOY” on his WeChat moments yesterday.

Over the past seven years, JOY has not only brought happiness to everyone at and beyond JD, but has also grown with the company. In addition to supporting JD through its development into a supply chain-based technology and service enterprise, JOY has witnessed JD’s business achievements all over the world. JOY has also starred in two ‘JOY Story’ movies, ‘JOY and Heron’ and ‘JOY and Koi’.

JOY and Heron

JOY and Koi

JOY has changed with JD. Behind every change in the image of JOY, JD has thought carefully about the concept of customer first and the future of business. As JD’s business has become more diversified in seeking to appeal to a broader range of consumers, so have the many faces of JOY, which have become rounder and more cordial.


In addition to the standard version of JOY, there are many other iterations in all different colors and costumes. Partners such as Lego have designed special JOY statues for the company, too.

PAT Lee, Yayoi Kusama, Justic League, Mike Greg

JOY stuff toy

JOY has accumulated friends over the years, who collectively form the DOGA family and can be seen accompanying JD at all of its important festivals throughout the year.

Happy Mid Autumn Festival Cake