Apr 10, 2020|

JD.com Delivers to Beijing Residents at Lianjia Stores


by Ling Cao

JD.com now delivers convenience to Beijing residents at Lianjia locations across Beijing, which would further improve the last-mile delivery quality.

JD Logistics and Lianjia’s Beijing branch signed a cooperative agreement to provide convenience to consumers at residential compounds in the city, enabling customers who place orders on JD.com to choose a Lianjia offline store as a pickup location.

Lianjia(链家, formerly Homelink)is a leading Chinese real estate brokerage company with locations across the city of Beijing adjacent to residential compounds.

Both parties signed a strategic partnership on March 10th, and within a month expanded pick-up locations from only nine to 520 stores. JD expects coverage to reach all 1,400 Lianjia stores in Beijing. Lianjia also offers doorstep delivery service if needed.

JD and Lianjia, which has over 8000 stores in 14 provinces, plan to expand the service nationwide in the future, integrating JD’s parcel collection function into Lianjia’s app for convenient customer service.