Apr 9, 2020|

JD’s Supply Chain Solution Supports Xiaomi 10-year Anniversary Sale


by Ling Cao and Rachel Liu

On April 9th, JD Logistics, an important partner of Xiaomi, provided a smart and integrated supply chain solution to ensure orders for Xiaomi’s 10-year anniversary sales promotion. In addition to JD’s couriers, JD’s autonomous delivery robot will also deliver Xiaomi products in Wuhan on the second day following the official end of the lockdown in the city.

JD Logistics’ integrated supply chain capability is highly relevant for Xiaomi’s product ecosystem. Based on 5G, big data and AI, both companies are integrating smart logistics with industrial supply chain. Since 2017, JD Logistics and Xiaomi have cooperated in warehousing, delivery, cargo transportation as well as distribution, covering Xiaomi’s product lines including cellphones, laptops, TVs, air conditioners, routers, sweeping robots and more.

JD Logistics also provides tailored solutions for Xiaomi’s product lines covering small, medium-sized items and bulky items. From October 2017, JD’s fully-automated logistics park in Shanghai has played a role in the standard supply chain operations (from inbound to outbound) for Xiaomi’s small items such as cellphones. In addition, JD’s Tianjin Asia No.1 logistics park and Dongguan Asia No.1 logistics park help Xiaomi handle bulky items and medium-sized items, respectively.

On February 13th, JD worked with Xiaomi to hold an online conference for the release of the new Xiaomi 10, the company’s leading 5G product, via JD Live, given that brands are unable to hold offline press conferences due to COVID-19. Sales of Xiaomi 10 quickly surpassed RMB 100 million following the official launch of the product on February 14th. JD also provided contactless delivery service for customers and saw a JD customer in Beijing become the first Xiaomi 10 user in China.


(ling.cao@jd.com; liuchang61@jd.com)