May 28, 2017| Deliveryman Plays Hero in a New LEGO “Micro Movie”

In commemoration of “LEGO Super Brand Day” on, China’s largest online retailer, LEGO has released one of its famed movie shorts featuring a JD Deliveryman as its hero.

The movie was released just in time for Children’s Day on June 1. It took 168 hours for 12 LEGO building masters to create scenes entirely featuring the beloved bricks from the Danish toy maker. The story follows a package delivered via drone, truck and scooter, as a JD delivery man rushes to his destination.

Complications ensue, and the package almost goes astray until (spoiler alert) the JD deliveryman saves the day, getting his customer’s package to the right place, just as real-life JD delivery people do thousands of times a day, all across China!

“LEGO Super Brand Day” is the latest Super Brand Day on, a program launched in 2016 that features a famous brand every two weeks with special discounts and products. Leveraging JD’s reach to more than 236 million customers, the promotions have helped brands including Samsung, Coca-Cola and Dell reach record sales in China. On May 18, Adidas held a Super Brand Day promotion and sold over 230,000 items, or nearly 300 times the average daily sales of the brand on

JD and LEGO have been working together successfully since 2015, and LEGO saw its sales through JD nearly double last year. In early 2017, LEGO expanded its cooperation with JD and set up a marketplace flagship store.