Dec 15, 2022| Dispatches Over 1,000 Couriers from Nationwide to Ensure Last-mile Delivery in Beijing


by Yuchuan Wang

Over a thousand JD Logistics couriers arrived in Beijing from across China on December 14, to support last-mile delivery in country’s capital city as Covid cases and e-tail fulfillment needs have surged over the past few weeks.

According to the State Post Bureau of China, 4.3 billion parcels were collected from December 1 to 12, with a year-on-year increase of 5.6 percent. The company expects another several hundred couriers to arrive in Beijing this week.

JD Logistics provides employees with sufficient PPE, antigen testing kits, Covid insurance and more. The company has also launched an online consultation channel and hotline for employees to consult on Covid medications and other emergency medical needs. Strict disinfection is mandated for logistics sites, devices, vehicles and goods.

Approximately 100 autonomous vehicles are also joining efforts to offer contact-less last-mile delivery, managing the transition between compounds and delivery stations, and also delivering medicines overnight in collaboration with JD Health. Dada is also making efforts in optimizing delivery capacity by recruiting and activating more crowd-sourcing riders by giving incentives and additional allowances.

Last week, JD Health announced the launch of its “online anti-Covid clinic” offering 24/7 medical consultations in order to help people deal with the spike of infections. Within a week, more than one million users have sought medical advice from this clinic. In addition to Covid-related medicines, JD Health also ensures sufficient storage of medicines for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, respiratory, digestive, endocrine and other chronic diseases.