Aug 31, 2020| Ensures Supplies for BMW Hood to Coast China Relay 2020


by Yuchuan Wang

The BMW Hood to Coast China Relay was held on August 28th and 29th in Zhangjiakou, Hebei province, northeast of Beijing. As the special partner of the event, leveraged its strong logistics and supply chain capabilities to ensure that the race of world’s largest running and walking relay brand went off without a hitch.

Originated in Oregon, U.S. in 1982, Hood to Coast is now regarded as ‘the greatest extreme long-distance running relay in the world’ by its global fandom. In its fourth year in China, this year’s BMW Hood to Coast China Relay 2020 began at the Senado Fidel in Zhangjiakou city, and finished at the Wanlong Paradise Resort with a big celebratory party with live music, food, drinks and additional entertainment. The relay has two courses, one original course, which is a total of 234.3 km (145.6 miles) across a team of 10 people, and one challenge course, which is a total of 147 km (91.3 miles) across a team of five people.

Challenge Group Course Map: 147 km (91.3 miles), 5 participants, 1 vehicle

Leveraging its nationwide self-operated logistics network, JD Logistics was responsible for the transportation and distribution of all goods and materials for the relay.

Ahead of the competition, JD Logistics transported total more than 400 team packages across the country in two days.

JD’s logistics van shuttling across the mountains

Since the middle of the night on August 28, JD’s logistics vans began to shuttle through nearly 30 check points to deliver necessities such as water, food, emergency supplies and timing equipment as well as other race supplies.

At the seventh check point, JD even built up a mini supermarket, the “JD Energy Station”, where’s grocery business supplied self-heating instant rice meals, snacks, beverages, tissues and more to all the runners for free.

JD’s mini supermarket – JD Energy Station – at check point 7

At the finish line, JD set up a booth and provided enough cold imported beer to ensure that every runner could fully enjoy the excitement and happiness of finishing the race with their team members.

Runners celebrating at JD’s booth at the finish line

In addition to providing fast and sufficient event supplies, 15 JDers formed three teams and participated on in the Challenge Course race. JD courier, Yushuai Luan, who runs a full marathon in 2:31, kicked off the day for JD and the “JD No. 1 team” at 3:30 A.M. on August 29th with a blistering 38:33 for 10.6 km – an average pace of 3:38 per km.