Aug 31, 2020|

JD Signs Partnership with Zhongshan to Build Home Appliance Demo Base


by Ling Cao

On August 25th, Jingxi, JD’s social e-commerce platform, has signed a partnership with Zhongshan Electronic Commerce Association (ZSECA) to build a demonstration base for home appliances, helping local enterprises expand into new sales channels. Jingxi will leverage its capability in connecting high quality products from their places of origin to customers to help build a new digital industrial belt.

Under the partnership, Jingxi will provide a series of online marketing tools to Zhongshan, including specific marketing campaigns, livestream support, and C2M products. Both parties will also provide cost-effective and high quality products to China’s customers.

To address the fact that many companies don’t have experience in e-commerce or in the domestic market, Jingxi has launched a “light store” policy, under which a merchant can open a store in just 60 seconds. The program greatly simplifies the process of opening a store, while guaranteeing quality operations.  In addition to export business merchants, other micro, small and mid-sized enterprises who urgently want to turn their attention towards e-commerce can also enjoy the benefits of the scheme.

Zhizhong Huang, head of the ZSECA said, “We believe that with joint cooperation, we can not only help local companies get through the hard times during COVID-19, but also further help them upgrade their businesses, optimize their ecosystems, and help accelerate local economy development.”

As of Q2, Jingxi’s layout already covered over 150 industrial belts and places of origin in China.

China’s export business has been heavily affected by the pandemic, and many enterprises are searching for new opportunities in domestic market. The small appliances industry, however, has seen limited impact and demand has in fact increased. With Jingxi’s help, ZSECA wants to help local enterprises to move their inventory from the export business to the domestic market. As one of the world’s largest small appliances industrial clusters, Zhongshan has nearly 1,600 home appliance enterprises, accounting for over RMB 100 billion yuan in production value. Currently, 71% of the registered companies in the market are export businesses. Of ZSECA’s member enterprises, over a quarter are export businesses.