Apr 4, 2023|

JD.com has Immense Potential to Attract Chinese Tourists to Malaysia, Says Malaysian Tourism Minister


by Vivian Yang

As China opens its borders for international travel, JD.com welcomed the visit of the Malaysian Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture Tiong King Sing, along with members of Tourism Malaysia, to its Beijing Headquarters on April 2. The visit aimed to explore collaborative opportunities to position Malaysia as a top destination for Chinese tourists in their post-COVID holidays.

Malaysian Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture Tiong King Sing (third to the left) visited JD.com’s Headquarters in Beijing

Minister Tiong pointed out that 3.4 million tourists from China visited Malaysia in 2019 before the COVID outbreak. With China reopening after three years, he envisions this number increasing and exceeding five million. To achieve this, the ministry is diligently working on all fronts to pave the way to attract Chinese tourists, including improving visa services, flight arrangements, travel programs, itinerary planning, and more.

Rain Ye, head of JD Travel, emphasized that JD’s robust customer base of over 588 million annual active users, including 40 million JD Plus paid members, offers an incredible pool of potential overseas travelers. JD Travel looks forward to working closely with Tourism Malaysia to provide a diverse array of unique and tailor-made travel experiences, catering to the evolving interests of their clientele.

An Overview of JD Travel

JD’s consumption data reveal shifting travel preferences among Chinese citizens as they emerge from years of pandemic restrictions. Demand for nature and outdoor-oriented tourism, family-focused trips, camping, fishing, and diving equipment has grown exponentially. Additionally, customized travel programs for kids, Gen-Zers, seniors, and business travelers are highly sought after.

Ye noted that travel-hungry Chinese tourists are already planning their week-long May vacations, summer trips, and even October holidays. JD Travel serves as a crucial platform for travel research and ticket booking during these peak periods.

Meanwhile, JD’s National Pavilion of Malaysia, a country-themed online flagship store,  offers Chinese consumers a diverse range of Malaysian imports, such as the popular Cat Mountain King durians and other fruits and snacks.

The National Pavilion of Malaysia on JD.com 

Recently, JD’s National Pavilion program established a partnership with  Guangxi Tourism Development Group. This collaboration aims to further promote selected products, cultural, and tourism resources from Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries, providing Chinese consumers with an all-encompassing site for unique local flavors, cultural insights, and unforgettable travel experiences.