Apr 4, 2023|

Lord Mayor of Manchester Commends JD Logistics for Bolstering E-Commerce and the Local Economy


by Yuchuan Wang

During the Third China-Europe Cross-Border E-Commerce Forum held in Manchester, UK, Councillor Donna Ludford, Lord of Mayor of the City of Manchester, expressed her gratitude towards JD Logistics for its significant contributions to Manchester’s local economy and the global e-commerce sector.

In the UK, JD Logistics operates a cutting-edge automated warehouse that leverages a CTU (container transport unit) system, which enables the automatic movement of containers among densely-packed shelves. This innovation has resulted in an impressive 6 to 8-fold increase in picking efficiency.

In addition to its technological prowess, JD has forged a strategic partnership with Barclay Street to deliver end-to-end supply chain solutions for the British luxury e-commerce venture. This collaboration extends from Europe to China, where a flagship store on JD.com has been launched. The store aims to introduce a diverse range of British and European brands to the Chinese market.

Councillor Donna Ludford also praised the forum, organized by the China-Europe E-Commerce Logistics Club (CEELC) and JD Logistics, for bringing together over 500 experts from the UK, Europe, China, and US. She emphasized that the event not only facilitated the exchange of ideas and experiences but also helped Manchester strengthen its position as a leading cross-border e-commerce hub.

To date, JD Logistics has established a network of nearly 90 bonded warehouses, overseas warehouses, and direct mail facilities across North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Australia.