Oct 1, 2022|

JD.com Helps Boost Sales of Rice Named after Agronomist Yuan Longping


by Doris Liu

JD.com recently deepened collaboration with the farm that produces Yuan Longping Rice, which is named after China’s father of hybrid rice, in terms of quality control, digitally intelligent supply chain and branding as the Chinese Farmers’ Harvest Festival fell on September 23 this year.

In the first eight months of 2022, the sales of Yuan Longping Rice have grown up over threefold compared with the same period last year, according to JD’s data. To stimulate a positive cycle of high-quality agricultural products and rural consumption upgrading, JD.com maintains a strict control process to ensure that all such rice products sold in JD Super, JD’s omni-channel supermarket business, are of first-grade quality.

From the paddy field to household table, rice needs to go through planting, storage, processing, packaging, delivery and other procedures, showing obvious characteristics of the long industrial chain.

“Although vacuum packaging and low-temperature storage can largely reduce the smell and taste differences of rice caused by water evaporation and oil oxidation, there is still a certain impact,” said Jason Cao, director of the rice, noodles and food grains business of JD Super. “Therefore, JD continues to refine each node in the rice industrial chain to ensure perfect-tasting rice for every family.”

Many local agricultural products, despite being of high quality, lack brand awareness and a solid quality control system, and have no opportunity to develop its supply chain infrastructure. To tackle these issues, JD.com is supporting Yuan Longping Rice with resources including its platform channels, marketing advantages, various promotions and live streaming—reaching a win-win in both sales and popularity.

Yuan Longping (1930-2021), a Chinese agronomist renowned for developing the first hybrid-rice strain in the 1970s, devoted his life to the research of high-yielding hybrid rice that is strategically important for China, the most populous country of the world.

JD launched the “March to Rich Plan” (MRP) in 2020 with a goal to drive an output value of RMB 1 trillion yuan in China’s rural areas over the following three years and facilitate rural revitalization. After 22 months, JD had driven the rural output value to exceed RMB 620 billion yuan by the end of this August, helping millions of farmers increase their income.

As of now, JD Logistics has realized same- and next-day delivery in 94 percent of counties and districts across China and 84 percent of villages and towns nationwide, upgrading the logistics system for rural areas to a great extent.