Oct 11, 2022|

JD Foundation Facilitates Donations for Left-Behind Children


by Vivian Yang

China Charities Aid Foundation for Children(CCAFC)announced on its official Wechat on Oct 9 that in the past six months, its “Children Home” project for left-behind children has received over 4 million donated goods from internet users through JD Foundation’s online charity donation program.

Equipped with donated tables and chairs, bookshelves, toys, computers, and other study tools, the Children Home project aims to create activity spaces for children from underdeveloped regions in rural China. CCAFC staff and volunteers use the space to carry out a series of educational activities for the children, such as reading, arts, sports, and safety knowledge classes, as well as training for their parents and other guardians.

JD Foundation introduced this project on its donation platform this April, and it caught many users’ attention. People can easily pay for designated goods at a favorable price, to be donated to the Children’s Home project. Many users left touching comments, including children whose parents supported them in making donations to those in need.

One note left on August 14 says: “I’m a first-grader. I got 36 yuan from helping with housework at home. I wish to use the money to buy a globe for these children. They can use the globe to know about the world, and through studying, I hope one day they can go out and see the bigger world.”

Throughout the year, by browsing JD Foundation’s charity donation platform, JD users can learn more and contribute to a selection of charity campaigns managed by different organizations. Donations will then be delivered free of charge by JD Logistics to responsible persons who are entrusted to dispatch the goods to the beneficiaries. Donors can track the whole delivery process of their orders through JD’s App.

In 2017, JD Foundation and CCAFC co-organized a campaign that called for unused toys in idle to be donated to children in need, and JD couriers in 8 big cities nationwide were tasked to go to donors’ homes to collect these toys.

In early 2019, JD Foundation joined hands with a number of brand partners to send gift boxes through CCAFC for needy children and their families to celebrate Chinese New Year.