Oct 17, 2019|

JD.com helps China’s new “Smart Airport” be even Smarter

Beijing’s newly opened Daxing Airport is poised to bring the global travel experience to a new level. Behind the scenes, JD’s logistics capabilities are making sure travelers get what they need without a hitch.

For one, as the logistics service provider for the airport’s restaurants, JD Logistics will leverage its warehousing and delivery capabilities for the integrated logistics services including storage, transportation and delivery in the airport, for categories like fresh food and ice cream. This is made possible by a cold chain warehouse near the airport, and JD’s leading cold chain delivery capabilities to ensure quality. JD will handle warehousing and delivery for other businesses in the airport, including but not limited to offline stores of all shapes and sizes as well as vending machines.

What’s more, JD’s unparalleled logistics system will power innovative delivery services within the airport. For individuals, two conveniently located JD delivery stations will help travelers ship products from the airport to anywhere in China. This is particularly convenient if travelers realize that their bags have items that they can’t carry on at the last minute (like an oversized shampoo container) or if their luggage is overweight (and they don’t want to pay overweight fees). Furthermore, JD Logistics offers a special service to repackage luggage to ensure that fragile items in check-in luggage will not get damaged during a flight.

JD’s smart store offerings will also help enhance the shopping experience for travelers. Two JD Retail Experience Shops in the airport will offer products such as computers, cameras, and smart devices as well as cosmetics and personal care items. Leveraging JD’s omnichannel capabilities, the store will offer the option to take items right away or to scan a QR code on the products’ price tags to have them shipped via JD Logistics to an address of choice within China. Technology in the store includes things such as a smart shelf that will provide an introduction of the product when customers pick it up.

JD Digits, a leading digital technology company, will also help resolve a key hassle for flyers around the world: parking. JD Digits, in partnership with hardware provider Shougang Fund S-PARK, has implemented a smart parking system at Daxing airport. Once fully installed, the system will allow drivers to easily locate the most suitable parking space for their car via an app, while also providing convenient in-app payment.

“It’s our honor to leverage our capabilities for Beijing’s new Daxing airport,” said Zhenzhen Rao, Head of JD Retail Experience Shops, JD Retail Innovation. “Using our logistics and retail capabilities to enhance the travel experience is just the type of initiative that our opening up strategy was intended to service.”