Sep 30, 2019|

JD Expands Open Logistics with New Storage Service

Individuals and small enterprises can now store their goods in’s warehouses. The new initiative, which leverages JD’s capabilities to provide a professional storage solution in China, is the latest example of JD opening up its capabilities to parties beyond JD.

Using the service, customers are able to track every stage of the storage process from start to finish on their phones, via the JD Express Delivery mini-program on WeChat. JD provides a professional solution for every storage need, from short-term to long-term storage. Companies who need to store supplies for an event, or individuals who are in the process of moving house, be it college students needing to store things over the summer break to people who are renovating their homes, can all meet their short term storage needs with JD. At the same time, avid shoppers looking to put aside their out-of-season wardrobe, as well as people who want to store sports equipment like scooters, bicycles and other hobby related items, can opt for JD’s longer-term storage solution.

JD provides a professional solution for every storage need, from short-term to long-term storage.

The new service has been launched in response to clear market demand for convenient and reliable storage services. JD has seen demand for storage solutions rise exponentially, particularly as rents in China’s first and second tier cites continue to increase every year. This is in contrast to many personal storage providers in China, which typically have to partner with third parties such as real estate companies, and therefore struggle to provide a convenient and high-quality service.

JD is known among Chinese customers for reliability, trust and speed,” said Bing Fu, Head of Strategy and Innovation at JD Logistics, the independently run business group under responsible for this project. “This user-friendly and reliable personal storage solution is clear example of how our strategy to open up our logistics network to parties beyond JD is playing out. Initial customer feedback shows us that consumers are excited about this service, and believe it can fill an unmet need in the storage market.”

With over ten years of experience in developing its in-house logistics capabilities, JD Logistics has won the trust of both customers and enterprises, placing the company in good stead to bring this new value-added service to market. Since 2016, JD has expanded the range of logistics services it offers to third-party merchants outside of JD. With the company continuing to roll our innovative initiatives such as storage solutions, it’s increasingly clear how JD’s logistics capabilities can benefit not only JD’s own business, but also a range of other industries and merchants.