Feb 18, 2020|

JD.com is building supply chain management platform for Hubei


by Ling Cao

To respond to the urgent needs for COVID-19 prevention and controls requested by Hubei’s provincial government, JD.com is building a supply chain management platform which makes emergency supplies such as masks, goggles, and protective clothing easier to manage, distribute and trace.

Leveraging JD’s years of experience in supply chain management and technology capabilities, the platform is tailored for Hubei provincial government’s specific needs. Because the anti-epidemic medical supplies are various and diverse, traditional management and distribution approaches are inefficient. The new platform integrates all data and information in a digital manner which makes it highly efficient, transparent and accurate.

Within this platform, all emergency materials can be managed via their lifecycles, from when they were produced, to when distributed and ultimately used. All information can be seen and monitored in real time to ensure all organizations involved can cooperate and execute efficiently. Simultaneously, JD Logistics will be providing logistics services as part of the supply chain.

JD has two goals in launching this platform. First, the company wishes to make the whole management process more transparent and visible via a digitized system. Secondly, improved efficiency is sought by leveraging big data to manage and integrate the entire purchasing and inventory process.

JD has been providing emergency medical supplies to Hubei province since January 21st with medical orders as its top priority, opening a special green channel to facilitate timely delivery of needed supplies. At present, JD Logistics has helped transport over 3000 tons of anti-epidemic and daily emergency necessities to Wuhan and the surrounding areas.