Apr 5, 2017|

JD.com Joins Milan Design Week, Launches Strategic Partnership with Leading Italian Home Furnishing Brands

At Milan Design Week, JD.com announced that it is forming strategic partnerships with some of Italy’s best-known home furnishing brands.

At a ceremony in Milan, Lijun Xin, president of JD Home and Life, officially launched sales of products from SAVIO FIRMINO, Bordignon and Contractin, three leading Italian furniture brands. JD will work with the brands to help them tap into the Chinese market, where demand for high-quality, hand-crafted furniture and décor is growing rapidly. Customers can buy Italian furniture products from the brands through the SAVIO FIRMINO and FIBONACCI furniture flagship stores on JD.com. Home furnishing is one of the fastest growing categories on JD.com, with an average annual growth rate of more than 100% over the last several years. The category covers furniture, household items, home textiles, kitchenware, home décor materials and home decoration service. JD now features many of the world’s best-known brands in the category, including WMF, Umbra, FLEXA, Harbor House, TOTO and Simmons.

“Chinese consumers are more focused than ever on quality and style, and we are excited to introduce them to these renowned brands that represent the best of Italian design,” said Mr. Xin. “We look forward to helping these category leaders access JD.com’s 226 million active consumers, and working with them to develop exciting, new growth opportunities.”

“We are delighted to partner with JD.com, and look forward to working with them to provide Chinese customers with access to high-quality Italian-made home furnishings through China’s most-trusted e-commerce platform,” said Cosimo Savio, CEO of SAVIO FIRMINO SRL. “This strategic cooperation is an exciting step forward for our brand, and opens up a huge new market for SAVIO FIRMINO in China.”

JD.com is participating in the Milan Design Week April 3-15, one of the world’s best-known festivals for home and interior design. This is the second time JD.com has taken part in the event.

This year, JD.com is hosting a special exhibition at the University of Milan in association with INTERNI China. Dongjiang Yang, editor-in-chief of INTERNI China, is serving as the curator of the exhibition. A special booth features a modern design that incorporates Daoist and other traditional Chinese elements. The installation forms a maze-like display space and guides visitors to feel a sense of infinite energy and experience various forms of Chinese design, giving it a complex and interwoven feel.  JD is also hosting a video showcase of 20 designers from China.

The theme of the JD booth has been specially crafted with Daoist elements, which places special emphasis on infinite energy and traditional forms of Chinese design.