Apr 12, 2017|

Walmart Further Strengthens JD.com Strategic Alliance with Launch of UK Retailer ASDA Flagship Store

Today, Walmart launched the flagship store of ASDA, its renowned UK retail brand, on JD.com’s cross-border platform, JD Worldwide. ASDA has long been one of the top retailers in the U.K. Launching its store on JD is the latest achievement in the strategic alliance between Walmart and JD.com, which began in June of 2016.

As the retail market in China continues to mature and customers’ demand for imported goods grows, Walmart and JD.com have worked together to bring more authentic overseas products to the Chinese market, leveraging Walmart’s renowned global supply chain. With this step, ASDA is providing customers in China access to its huge range of everyday household products, leveraging JD.com’s famous nationwide logistics network.

Walmart launched the flagship store of ASDA, its renowned UK retail brand, on JD.com’s cross-border platform, JD Worldwide

Founded in 1965 in the U.K., ASDA was created with the underlying principles of affordable prices, durable quality and hospitable services, and it has steadily become a trusted retailer for British customers. Acquired by Walmart in 1999, ASDA, which had 230 stores at the time, has continued to operate as an independent brand under the Walmart umbrella. Today, ASDA serves 18 million customers every week with over 600 stores in the U.K.

At the time of launch on JD Worldwide, ASDA’s primary offerings are in the areas of food and health products, including items such as biscuits, coffee, tea bags, nuts, energy bars, and foods for babies and young children. In keeping with the ASDA brand, all products are sourced from the U.K. with a focus on quality and safety. Some of the initial products on the ASDA Flagship store include the ASDA Extra Special Biscuits for Cheese Cracker Collection, ASDA Extra Special Scottish Shortbread Rounds and ASDA Extra Special Colombian Instant Coffee, all of which are top sellers in the U.K. market. The companies expect the selection of products to significantly expand in the months and years ahead.

“Walmart is delighted to provide JD.com’s 226 million customers access to ASDA’s quality British products at competitive prices,” said Ben Hassing, Senior Vice President of Ecommerce of Walmart China. “The progress that we’ve made in our alliance with JD.com in less than a year provides a hint at the tremendous developments that still lie ahead.”

“ASDA’s flagship store on JD Worldwide marks another significant step forward in the Walmart-JD strategic alliance to bring the best global products to the Chinese market,” said Carol Fung, President of JD Fast Moving Consumer Goods. “Chinese consumers increasingly appreciate and value the quality of British brands and we expect this ASDA store to be warmly welcomed by our customers.”