Apr 7, 2020|

JD.com Launches Channels for Home Decoration Design


by Hui Zhang

JD.com launched a new home decoration channel, “Wo Zhe” (窝者,meaning “homebody” in English),  during the company’s annual Spring Home Decoration Shopping Festival held from March 27th to May 5th . The channel will simplify purchasing decisions for consumers through offering a variety of shopping scenarios to browse through rather than simply viewing individual product lists.

JD to create a home decoration channel based on shopping scenarios

This is not the first time for JD to create a home decoration channel based on shopping scenarios. On January 7th, the “Jingdong Jia” (京东家) channel was officially launched. Jingdong Jia offers home scenarios as the core model and creates a one-stop home decoration solution for consumers. The channel offers five key aspects: real-time smart design software, an online professional designer service platform, AR shopping guide, accurate recommendations, and social marketing. Consumers can enjoy real-time visual design services while communicating with designers online, offering unique access to designers from over 1,000 design institutes from across the country.

The traditional approach to home décor provides a lack of communication channels between consumers and high-quality designers, forcing consumers to rely on the design company in closest proximity to where they live to secure design services which are usually hard to meet consumers’ needs. JD’s cooperation with design companies breaks down regional limitations, offering greater consumer choice based on a variety of shopping scenarios.