Apr 7, 2020|

JD Data: Consumers Embrace Outdoor Activities in Spring


by Hui Zhang

The JD Big Data Research Institute released its Spring Outing Consumption Trends showing people are going outside for more outdoor activities as COVID-19 is easing. Comparing the data from March 1-17 with that of February 1-17, trends indicate two types of activities: ‘family outings by car’ and ‘outdoor activities’.

According to the data, sales of automotive supplies on JD increased by over 140%, with tires, gasoline, automobile data recorders, motorcycles and in-car mats becoming the most-popular products. Other products also saw a relatively high growth in sales. Sales of car refrigerators increased 302%, and sales of GPS increased 241%. Sales of car maintenance-related products and services have increased by over 180%.

More people are starting outdoor sports as the epidemic has ebbed in China. Sales of cycling related products, fishing supplies, sportswear and other related goods more than doubled month-on-month. Sale of sports shoes and bags, outdoor shoes and clothing, sports protective equipment, and sporting goods also increased by 73%, 72%, 65% and 47%, respectively. JD’s data reveals that sales of running shoes increased by nearly 100% and skipping ropes increased by 50%. The most popular ball games are basketball, badminton and table tennis in terms of sales performance on JD. Sales of sweatpants, sportswear, fitness clothing and sports underwear increased by 106%, 165%, 113% and 141%, respectively.

More people are starting outdoor sports as the epidemic has ebbed in China.

Sales of fishing supplies increased by 155% month-on-month, of which the sales of fishing clothing, fishing lines, fishing gear kits, auxiliary equipment, fishing boxes and fishing chairs, bait, fishing accessories and reels increased by 367%, 268%, 242%, 219%, 211%, 187%, 187% and 179%, respectively.

According to JD’s big data, male consumers have a stronger demand for spring outing products with the proportion of their consumption in outing related products being 35.8% higher than that of the whole category on JD. The proportion of Spring outing products consumption among the 25-45 age group is 12.1% higher than that of the whole JD’s platform.