May 22, 2024| Launches JD NOW: Transforming On-Demand Retail with Instant Delivery


On May 16th, unveiled its upgraded on-demand retail business, JD NOW. Combining JD’s instant shopping services, formerly known as JD Shop Now and JDDJ, JD NOW offers a wide range of premium products from over 500,000 physical stores delivered in as fast as nine minutes to consumers across 2,300 counties and cities in China.

JD NOW’s new logo features JD’s mascot, JOY dog, wearing a bamboo-copter, symbolizing innovation and speed. In addition, JD NOW’s delivery riders sport new uniforms with a helmet topped with a bamboo-copter and a racing-style T-shirt. To enhance the delivery experience for special deliveries such as flowers and perishable items, riders in black gloves use mini-fridges to maintain optimal conditions throughout the delivery process.

Dada Now, China‘s leading local on-demand delivery platform and JD NOW’s delivery operator, is improving its operations and fulfillment technologies to ensure rapid delivery. Customers can enjoy ultra-fast doorstep delivery in as little as nine minutes, with the option of  insurance to cover any potential late deliveries.

Along with the introduction of the new brand, JD NOW gained a prominent new consumer touchpoint on the landing page of the JD App, showcasing five main categories: fresh produce, flowers and cakes, supermarkets, coffee and milk tea, and medicines. The JD NOW section dynamically updates its displays based on users’ locations and shopping preferences, while highlighting discounts to help consumers make informed decisions. Additional categories, such as digital products, baby and maternal supplies, and pet products, are also available.

On May 20th, a day associated with love in China’s internet culture, JD NOW launched romance-themed promotions, including limited-edition gift boxes with flowers and cosmetics and recommendations of gift items based on the popular MBTI personality test. These promotions aim to meet customers’ immediate needs for gift shopping.

China’s on-demand retail market has been growing rapidly and is expected to exceed RMB1 trillion in 2024, according to a recent white paper by the China International Electronic Commerce Center. The launch of JD NOW underscores’s commitment to enhancing user experience and meeting the increasing demand for instant and diverse shopping solutions.