May 8, 2020| Praised by Global Brands for Help during COVID-19


by Ling Cao

JD was praised by global brands for its support during the epidemic in recent letters of appreciation. These include Mengniu, China’s leading manufacturing and distribution company of dairy products and ice cream, MUJI, Japanese apparel and household goods retailer, as well as Midea, China’s leading electrical appliances manufacturer.

MUJI said in a letter to, “JD actively leveraged its resources to help us get our goods to warehouses in time, embodying a spirit of responsibility and demonstrating operations capability. We believe our collaboration will go further.”

Midea said in a letter to, “During the coronavirus, JD rapidly opened warehouses in Changsha and Zhengzhou for us, ensuring our orders reach our customers in time even while the warehouse in Wuhan was temporarily closed. We plan to expand our warehousing cooperation to more categories.”

JD received a new request from Mengniu to help them with B2C (business to customer) delivery services in response to new business demands. Mengniu representative said, “Our new business launched on February 15 during the peak period of the virus, when there was a lack of trucks and personnel in the market. Despite the challenges, JD helped us launch the business in just four days.”