May 8, 2020|

“JD New Energy Plan” to Facilitate Enterprise Digital Transformation


by Yuchuan Wang

Today, officially launches “JD New Energy Plan”, a key project to facilitate digital transformation and intelligent upgrade of enterprises. The plan will help build a digital infrastructure for businesses and lower the threshold of transformation. The plan is jointly launched by JD Business and JD Cloud & AI.

The launch of “JD New Energy Plan” is a significant part of’s efforts in providing technology and services to businesses.

Based on’s extensive retail infrastructure and technology abilities, the plan‘s technological infrastructure includes six major components: Intelligent procurement, the AI development middle platform, intelligent RPA (robotic process automation), cloud meeting, office automation (OA) platform and proprietary cloud. Enterprise clients will be able to quickly access JD’s mature technical modules and integrate them with their existing platforms, reducing development costs and transformation difficulties.

JD also provides applications including OA management, intelligent procurement and middle platform solutions.

The intelligent OA solution aims to help enterprises simplify workflow and operate more effectively. JD Cloud & AI  also announced the launch of its “next-gen OA open platform” this week. Based on the company’s technology abilities in AI, cloud computing, IoT, big data, 5G and blockchain, it will collaborate with independent software vendors (ISVs) and hardware companies to further drive industry upgrade.

Leveraging JD’s strengths in merchandising, finance, logistics, services and quality control, the intelligent procurement solution will enable enterprises to build an effective and transparent digital procurement platform. The solution can also help enterprises automatically match their demand with purchasing plans through smart analysis.

The intelligent middle platform solution will provide a full stack AI development platform and related services to institutions and enterprises.