Apr 23, 2020|

JD.com Provides Aid to Fight COVID-19 in South East Asia


by Martin Li

JD.com is engaged in a range of support to provide aid to those who most need it while battling COVID-19 throughout the South East Asia region.

“We are privileged to have the opportunity to partner with our sellers and support our customers during this challenging time. By ensuring reliable and fast delivery of much needed necessities and products, we are glad to support the efforts to stay home to stay safe. ,” said Soon Sze Meng, SEA President and VP of JD.com.

Customers of JD Central, JD.com’s e-commerce joint venture in Thailand, can now have their JD Points converted into cash donations to support three hospitals in the country.

Customers earn JD Points either by purchasing or joining marketing activities on the platform. They can then use these points for future purchases, as a loyalty program.

In an effort to support the ongoing fight against COVID-19 in Thailand, JD Central is giving cash donations – based on the points customers offer to convert – to Lampang Hospital, Khon Kaen Hospital and Songklanagarind Hospital.

The campaign will be conducted from April 20th to May 31s, and the funds will be used to purchase medical supplies for the treatment of patients who are suffering from COVID-19.

This campaign is one of the ongoing efforts by JD CENTRAL to help fight the virus.

The company has been collaborating with SME D Bank to provide offline sellers with an opportunity to open online stores on JD CENTRAL’s marketplace platform. The move is designed to help local sellers whose businesses have been negatively affected.

New merchants will be charged zero commission fees for three months and receive free package pickup service by Kerry Express until June this year. Additionally, the company will provide free online training for new sellers.

Offline sellers can apply for the program via https://coreportal.smebank.co.th/member-course.php?more_id=289

JD CENTRAL will also cooperate with Thailand’s Ministry of Commerce to support fruit sellers who are facing challenges exporting under the current environment.

In Indonesia, JD.com’s e-commerce joint venture JD.ID has also been engaged in a range of activities to aid the fight against COVID-19.

JD.ID and the fundraising platform, Kitabisa.com, have been collaborating to launch the JD Peduli #IndonesiaLawanCorona (JD Cares #IndonesiaFightsCorona) social program. The program is aimed at helping medical staff and volunteers who need PPE (personal protection equipment) and the disadvantaged, homeless, and informal workers who need masks, antiseptic fluids, and other medical tools.

JD.ID also helped a local initiative, Relawan Anak Bangsa, procure medical products in China.

JD staff at a warehouse in Guangzhou sort medical products procured in China for Indonesian initiative Relawan Anak Bangsa on April 23.

The initiative consists of several large-scale enterprises in Indonesia and it will support the government in fighting COVID-19 by donating these medical products through BUMN Foundation to distribute to parties in need. The supplies are expected to arrive in Jakarta next week.

Both JD Central and JD.ID have been sparing no efforts to ensure supply of medical products and daily necessities that are critically needed without unfair price hikes.