Aug 1, 2023| Provides Comprehensive Water Damage Support for Car Owners during Typhoon Doksuri


by Vivian Yang

In the wake of the devastating floods triggered by Typhoon Doksuri in China, has launched a comprehensive support initiative to assist car owners that includes around-the-clock, free online consultations, free offline inspection services in 1,400 car maintenance stores,  as well as emergency rescue and repair services to provide timely assistance.

Car owners now have instant access to expert advice on car insurance and maintenance through the JD App, simply by searching for “Car Doctor”. This dedicated portal offers effective solutions to common problems encountered by car owners during floods, including how to handle water-logged cars and filing insurance claims for water damage, such as filing an insurance claim for water damage.

JD’s team of experienced “Car Doctors” can also provide recommendations and directly connect car owners with JD’s self-operated car maintenance stores and partner stores, ensuring immediate, on-site repair assistance.

JD Auto Opens Its First Self Operated Car Maintenance Store

In addition to these services, JD Car Maintenance has also partnered with local service providers to deliver 24/7 emergency rescue support. For instance, in Fujian province, JD has teamed up with 10 providers spread across cities including Putian, Fuzhou, and Quanzhou, to ensure swift response and assistance within these designated areas.

In recent days, JD Car Maintenance stores have noted a significant surge in the number of cars affected by water damage.

Our dedicated staff is working tirelessly to mitigate losses for every car owner, acting with urgency to make timely repairs that prevent further damage to circuits and electronic components.

In response to Typhoon Doksuri, China has issued a red alert – the highest level in its four-tier weather warning system. The typhoon made its destructive presence felt in Fujian Province on July 28th, leading to heavy rainfall that affected several regions in north China, including Beijing, Hebei, and Shandong.

At, we are committed to supporting car owners during this challenging time. Our robust support system aims to provide timely assistance and minimize the impact of floods on car owners across the affected areas.