Jul 24, 2023|

JD Health Brings No-Cost Medical Consultations and Care to Guizhou’s Mountainous Regions


by Vivian Yang

From July 12th to 14th, JD Health collaborated with several charitable organizations to provide medical support in the mountainous regions of Guizhou province, located in southwest China. Together with the Lingfeng Foundation in Beijing, China Volunteer Medical Team, and China Social Assistance Foundation, JD Health organized free medical consultation charity events and distributed essential health supplies to address the healthcare needs of rural elderly, chronic disease patients, and disabled individuals. The initiative aimed to conduct free medical consultation charity events and provide essential health supplies, addressing the healthcare service needs of the rural elderly, chronic disease patients, and disabled individuals.

A team of distinguished doctors from prominent hospitals nationwide participated in this initiative. Their specialties encompassed a wide range of medical fields, including internal medicine, cardiology, respiratory medicine, neurology, orthopedics, gynecology, dermatology, general practice, pain medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, and rehabilitation medicine. They were split into four distinct teams, each comprising 6 to 10 medical professionals, who visited various villages to offer in-person medical consultations to locals.

Simultaneously, these experienced doctors conducted daily instructional sessions for village doctors, aimed at enhancing their competency in providing primary healthcare services.

Thanks to the generous support from JD Health and JD’s charitable platform, where merchants can donate via their sales, a total of 9,500 over-the-counter medicines – from pain relief ointments to eye drops -were donated based on the specific needs of the local communities and doctors’ recommendations.

Over the past year, JD Health has formed several effective partnerships with charitable institutions, providing “small medicine boxes” to those in need across China’s rural communities. These contributions have included post-earthquake rescue efforts in Luding, Sichuan, improved emergency response capabilities of grassroots healthcare institutions in Henan, and provided medical supplies and medicinal education to 365 rural schools in Gansu and Sichuan provinces. Through these actions, JD has demonstrated its ability to effectively collaborate with pharmaceutical companies, doctors, merchants, and charitable organizations, utilizing its supply chain connections to promptly and precisely meet diverse healthcare needs.

This year, JD Health has broadened its philanthropic reach, offering more targeted and personalized healthcare support to vulnerable populations in rural areas.  Initiatives have concentrated on diverse demographics, including rural women, children, migrant workers, outdoor laborers, and pneumoconiosis patients. Through more than 10 events, JD Health has to date donated medical supplies and provided health consultation services valued at over 20 million RMB.

With a commitment to enhancing healthcare access in underserved regions, JD Health will continue to utilize its extensive supply chain connections to facilitate effective collaborations with pharmaceutical companies, doctors, merchants, charitable organizations, and other stakeholders. Through these partnerships, JD Health aims to provide more timely and precise healthcare services, contributing to the continual improvement of public health throughout China.