Oct 7, 2020|

JD.com Ranks Among Top Five TMT Companies in China for R&D Investment


by Hui Zhang

China released a list of the top 500 Chinese enterprises (ranking according to business income in 2019), which showed the total R&D expenditure of these enterprises in 2019 amounting to RMB 107.54 billion yuan, up 17% year-on-year, accounting for 63.55% of the R&D expenditure of Chinese enterprises in total. Among them, JD.com with other four enterprises ranked among the top five TMT (Technology, Media, Telecom) companies in R&D investment.

In 2019, listed and unlisted enterprises under the umbrella of JD invested a total of RMB 17.9 billion yuan in R&D, with a year-on-year increase of up to 47.8%, which reflected the importance JD attached to technology investment. The number of employees of JD’s R&D system exceeded 18,000, of which talent with a master’s degree and above accounted for over 80%. The number of patent applications exceeded 3,651.

JD clarified the strategy of transformation to technology in early 2017, and raised nearly HK$30 billion used for technology promotion, aiming to transform from an e-commerce company to supply chain-based technology and service company.

JD is strong in technical areas such as intelligent supply chain, intelligent logistics, cloud computing, big data, AI, and IoT to facilitate relevant industrial development. In August 2019, JD’s intelligent supply chain was selected as a member of the “national team” of AI, and JD AI Research ranked top in eight different world rankings for various international competitions. JD Cloud is among the top ten in China’s public cloud IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-service) market, an increase of 512% year-on-year in 2019. In addition, JD leveraged its advantages in IoT to construct the largest smart home platform in China starting from 2014.

During the pandemic, JD made full use of its intelligent supply chain and intelligent logistics capabilities to serve 15,000 customer units across the country nationwide and provide a total of more than 660 million items of supplies.

“JD has relied on the IoT, big data, AI and other technologies to continuously upgrade its core capabilities such as “intelligent supply chain and intelligent logistics”, which has also been JD’s key contribution to ensuring the normal operation of the economy and society across the country during the pandemic,” said Lei Xu, CEO of JD Retail.