Apr 8, 2020|

JD.com to Invest over RMB 6 Billion in Hubei


by Tracy Yang and Rachel Liu

JD.com announced today that it would invest more than RMB 6 billion in Hubei province over the next three years, launching a series of initiatives to support the recovery of Hubei’s economy and the development of local industry. Areas of focus include new infrastructure, industrial and agricultural support, and poverty alleviation.

JD will help Hubei build next generation infrastructure, employing the fundamentals of smart supply chain and logistics, upgrade the logistics industry in the region building upon its successful and highly efficient Asia No. 1 in Wuhan, which was critical to ensuring the stability and livelihood of countless people during the pandemic outbreak.

JD will also support the construction of a series of smart city services, including Hubei’s emergency material management platform and digital media information service platform. Through this, public and private collaboration will leverage JD’s formidable strength in cloud, AI, big data and other areas of expertise to help the local government improve its emergency response capability.

Regarding industrial support, JD will continue to support local brands in Hubei province and local SMEs. JD has already launched a series of support measures to help local enterprises resume operations, including the “Spring Raindrop Plan” and “Buy Hubei Goods” which are acting to stimulate demand. From April 1st to the 7th, sales of fresh products from Hubei province on JD reached 1,400 tons.

On April 8th, JD also signed a partnership with the Hubei government to help build a fresh food industrial belt and create local brands. On April 1st, JD announced six additional support measures for Hubei merchants based on the previous ones. JD Health also worked with the local government to collaborate on Internet+ and the overall health industry. JD Health will also drive Internet hospital projects and smart medical insurance in Wuhan, enabling patients who suffer from chronic diseases to buy medicine online and enjoy door-to-door delivery service.

Lastly, JD will focus on facilitating the sale of agricultural products from poverty-stricken areas in Hubei, alleviating poverty through supporting the development of local industry, creating employment opportunities and offering financial support. The company will continue to build the fast track to help local brands that support poverty alleviation and the development of specialty stores.


(tracy.yang@jd.com; liuchang61@jd.com)