Apr 8, 2020|

JD Photo Gallery: Wuhan is Back


by Ling Cao

After 76 days of lockdown, Wuhan is back in business on April 8th. This photo gallery highlights JD couriers who are part of the action.

In January, a JD courier was driving his delivery vehicle on the empty streets of Wuhan. Now in April, the crowds offer a warm welcome back!


 In February, a JD courier was delivering on the streets of Wuhan, equipped with protective clothing and goggles. One morning in April, he donned a mask and visited a small restaurant which had just reopened. On March 23rd and 24th, Yong’en Huang, another JD courier got two days’ leave and slept for a whole day. He took a moment to send a message to his family in Xiaogan, which is 60 kilometers northwest of Wuhan, to tell them everything is alright in Wuhan.


JD’s robots joining couriers to work on the frontline. They normally work on the frontline, and are also considered heroes of the city of Wuhan.


Whishing past the small familiar convenience store. Long time no see!


Children have grown. Again, long time no see.