Sep 15, 2021| to Launch New 40,000 Sq.m. Physical Store “JD MALL”

by Yuchuan Wang and Ling Cao launched the “JD MALL” brand, the upgraded version of its E-Space omni-channel retail experience store on September 14, via an online press conference. The new shopping destination will first debut in Xi’an, China, on September 30.

With an area of 42,000 square meters across five floors, JD MALL in Xi’an offers an immersive omni-channel shopping experience to consumers through 200,000 items from over 150 domestic and international brands.

Consumers are able to place orders through the official WeChat Mini Program by scanning QR codes on each of the items, and JD will handle the last-mile delivery to their doorsteps through the company’s strong logistics infrastructure.

In addition to traditional categories such as electronics, home appliances, and digital accessories offered in E-Space, JD MALL also provides a wide range of items in home , furniture, kid, smart healthcare products and auto accessories.

At the same time, JD MALL offers one-stop home design services and home appliance package purchases, enabling customers to enjoy a seamless shopping experience from designing, product selection to installation and aftersales. A selection of products also supports 2-hour delivery and 24-hour installation services.

JD MALL combines fashion and technology elements from design to experience. Customers can enjoy tech devices and experiences including holographic projection, VR equipment, intelligent robot, a virtual livestream room and transparent computer room.

As JD’s integrated consumption shopping center, one of JD MALL’s differentiations is the immersive experience. The Mall will have 11 themed experience zones and 29 product interaction zones, such as a beauty salon, audio experience area, drone testing, massage, etc, making it a multi-scenario and fun space for customers.

JD is continuing to provide different kinds of physical stores amid the growing trend in which customers pursue a high-quality and multi store ecosystem, including JD E-Space, JD home appliance flagship stores, JD computer and digital stores and JD retail experience shops. This is also part of JD’s plan to promote its omni-channel operation and accelerate the industrial structure upgrading.

In the first half of this year, transaction volume of JD’s E-Space in Chongqing increased 105% YOY, while the transaction volume of the opening day of the same type of store in Hefei, Anhui province reached RMB 166 million yuan, and the traffic for both online and offline was over 1.2 million.