Sep 14, 2021|

JD Catering to Partner with Mei-Xin (China) in Offering One-Stop Solution Services


by Mengyang He

On September 14, JD Catering and Mei-Xin (China) reached a cooperation agreement. According to the agreement, JD Catering will provide Mei-Xin with one-stop catering supply chain solutions, and offer comprehensive support in upstream supply, finance, logistics, systems, etc., to promote product and restaurant standardization, catering retail, and online marketing.

Ma Jun (top left), General Manager of the catering business of JD Retail, and Chen Jianping (top right), Director of Headquarters, Mei-Xin (China) witness the signature by Wang Bing (bottom left), Sales Director of catering business of JD Retail, and Zhang Haizhen (bottom right), Supply Chain Director, Mainland China

JD Catering, as an advanced intelligent catering supply chain provider, aims to build an efficient and transparent supply chain system for restaurants across China, and to create comprehensive solutions in food supply, blockchain-based tracing system, culinary research and development, and store services.

Founded in 1956, Mei-Xin is now a leading food and beverage company. It has nearly 80 brands, operating nearly 1,800 outlets.

The cooperation between the two parties has also played a positive role in promoting the development of the catering industry.

Conversation between Ma Jun (right), General Manager of the catering business of JD Retail, and Chen Jianping (left), Director of Headquarters, Mei-Xin (China)

As food supply chain is very important for catering companies, Chen Jianping, Director of Headquarters, Mei-Xin (China) said, “Cooperation with JD Catering can effectively ensure the stability of supply chain and reduce operating costs. This is of indispensable value for a chain restaurant group, such as Mei-Xin.” In recent years, Mei-Xin has been continuously exploring its pathway to digital transformation of the catering supply chain, and JD Catering’s digital solutions in this area will be a powerful support in the development of Mei-Xin.

According to Ma Jun, General Manager of the catering business of JD Retail, JD Catering and Mei-Xin will pilot in Shanghai Disneyland first, ranging from different types of restaurants including Ippudo, Dondonya, The Cheesecake Factory, and Disney Canteen. JD Catering will provide one-stop supply chain solutions for more than 250 domestic restaurants of Mei-Xin in the future.

At the same time, in terms of catering retailization and online marketing, Mei-Xin will also directly reach 500 million consumers through the JD main website, gain more traffic and sales conversion in the JD catering sector.

“Mei-Xin has more than 250 outlets in Mainland China comprised of Chinese, Western restaurants, bakery shops, Japanese chain restaurants and institutional catering service. Being able to serve Mei-Xin has laid a milestone in the growth of JD Catering,” said Ma Jun.

Group photo of JD Catering and Mei-Xin

JD’s continuous efforts in the catering industry will have a far-reaching impact on the development of the catering industry. Mei-Xin is the third popular chain-brand for JD to work with, following Juqi (局气) and Xihe (羲和). In addition to empowering catering companies to further develop, JD Catering’s core capabilities such as supply chain, technology, finance, and marketing will help promote digital transformation of the industry.