Jun 19, 2023|

JD.com’s 2023 618 Grand Promotion: Surpassing Expectations and Setting New Records


by Vivian Yang

JD.com announced the successful conclusion of JD.com’s 2023 618 Grand Promotion today, which concluded at 23:59 on June 18. The event surpassed all growth expectations, delivering remarkable results for brand merchants and cementing JD.com’s position as an industry leader.

Sandy Xu, CEO of JD.com, emphasized during a ceremony in celebration of JD.com’s 20th anniversary on the same day that “diverse selections, fast delivery, high quality, and cost savings remain at the forefront of JD’s mission to serve our valued users.”

More: Diverse Selections

This year’s JD618 saw an unprecedented level of participation from online brand merchants, accompanied by a substantial increase in the number of offline physical stores joining the event. Tens of thousands of JD offline stores, millions of cooperating offline stores connected through JD’s extensive supply chains, and JDDJ’s collaboration with over 380,000 offline stores—a staggering 80% year-over-year increase in participating stores—joined forces to provide one-hour delivery service to a wider user base. In a further demonstration of JD.com’s commitment to variety, the company introduced over 1,200 new trending categories, expanding and diversifying the range of products, brands, and merchants on its platform.

Faster: Speedy Delivery

During the peak period of the 618 event, starting at 8 pm on June 17, more than 95% of counties across China enjoyed same or next-day delivery, setting new industry benchmarks for convenience and efficiency. The JD Shop Now program, featuring a one-hour on-demand shopping service, delighted over 2,000 county-level consumers. Additionally, nearly 1,000 counties received their orders within a mere ten minutes of the event’s commencement. Leveraging the DaDa delivery service upgrade, JDDJ further enhanced its delivery speed by an average of six minutes, ensuring lightning-fast fulfillment for customers.

Better: High-Quality Service

This year’s 618 event showcased over 200 services designed to enhance the overall shopping experience, alongside over 80 industry-first or unique offerings. Powered by advanced AI technology, JD’s virtual hosts and smart customer service played a pivotal role in boosting merchants’ branding and marketing efforts throughout the event. JD’s Yanxi virtual host contributed to a staggering 246% increase in merchants’ transaction volume compared to last year’s Single’s Day Grand Promotion. Additionally, JD’s Yanxi smart chatbot provided 24/7 seamless and personalized customer service support.

Cheaper: Cost Saving

This year’s 618 featured over ten times the number of participating products in the billion-yuan discount program compared to March 2023. Users clicked the “One-Click Price Protection” option over 660 million times during the event, guaranteeing affordable and quality products. JD.com’s pioneering “price protection” service, established in 2008, has cumulatively saved its consumers nearly RMB 8 billion yuan.

On June 18, CEO Sandy Xu also revealed JD.com’s “35711 Vision” for the next two decades. The ambitious plan includes establishing three businesses with over RMB 1 trillion in revenue and RMB 70 billion in net profits, having five JD enterprises listed on the Fortune Global 500, and bringing seven publicly listed companies that started from zero to obtain a market value of RMB 100 billion. JD.com also aims to contribute RMB 100 billion in taxes and create over 1 million jobs, further driving economic growth and prosperity.