Jun 20, 2023|

Twenty Ambassadors to China Collaborate with JD.com for JD618 Grand Promotion, Showcasing Unique Products from their Respective Countries


by Vivian Yang

On June 16th, ambassadors from 11 different countries, including Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, South Africa, New Zealand, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka visited JD.com’s headquarters to promote the imports of their respective countries’ specialty products during the peak of the 618 Grand Promotion.

Over 100 National Pavilions Showcasing 50 Countries

Currently, JD.com has established more than 100 online stores known as national pavilions for over 50 countries. Sales data shows that during this year’s 618 shopping festival, the total transaction value from these national pavilions increased over fourfold year-on-year. Exotic and novel specialties such as Sri Lankan Ceylon tea, Cypriot blue wine, and Kazakh camel milk are among the most popular items sold under the national pavilion project.

Yanzhong Yao, Senior Vice President of JD.com, expressed gratitude for the strong support received from authoritative institutions, including various embassies in China. Since JD.com launched its first national pavilion in 2014, the company has continuously expanded its offerings of high-quality international specialty products to meet the demands of the Chinese market. Currently, JD.com’s national pavilions offer over 5,100 specialty products annually and attract over 100 million active users. The national pavilions serve as a unique window into different countries’ cultures and as a bridge for communication between nations.

Prominent Endorsements and Praise

The success of JD.com’s national pavilions is evident in the endorsement from world leaders and diplomats. In May, President Tokayev of Kazakhstan personally witnessed the launch of JD.com’s Kazakhstan national pavilion in Xi’an, becoming the first head of state to do so. Minister Counsellor of the Kazakh Embassy to China, Shalkarbayev Askar, was amazed by the enthusiasm of Chinese consumers, as 80% of the products sold out within the first hour.

The Pakistani Ambassador to China, Moin ul Haque, commended JD.com’s national pavilions for their positive role in promoting trade exchanges between China and Pakistan. He extended an invitation to JD’s team to further explore Pakistan’s finest products, including Basmati rice and premium mangoes, to delight Chinese consumers.

Tourist Products Now Available at JD’s Cyprus National Pavilion

For the first time, JD.com’s Cyprus National Pavilion now features tourist products, supported by the Cyprus embassy and tourism department. Visitors can directly book tourism routes, including airfare and hotels, within the pavilion, offering a unique opportunity to experience the beauty of the island of Aphrodite. JD.com is actively preparing to launch cultural and tourism offerings from countries including Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and Latin America, further enriching the e-commerce platform’s role in promoting international communication.

Ambassadors Promoting Country Specialties

At JD.com’s June 16th national pavilion event, ambassadors and counsellors from numerous countries recommended their respective nations’ specialties and cultural products. H.E. Dr. Palitha Kohona, Ambassador of Sri Lanka to China, became a spokesperson for the “Island of Gem,” recommending the country’s high-quality blue sapphire products while inviting Chinese consumers to explore the country’s rich specialties. Czech Republic’s Agricultural Counsellor, Ondrej Placek, recommended locally brewed beer, honey cake, and Bohemian crystal glass crafts. Kyrgyzstan’s Commercial Counsellor, Bekboev Daniiar, recommended a variety of pure, natural, and additive-free delicacies such as honey and dried fruits.

Indonesia’s Commercial Counsellor, Budi Hansyah, and South Africa’s Agricultural Counsellor, Molatelo, Enos Mamadi, expressed their appreciation for the value that JD.com’s national pavilions bring in enhancing their countries’ brand visibility in China. They eagerly anticipate strengthening cooperation with JD’s national pavilions to showcase a diverse range of national specialties and cultures.


Meeting the Demands of Modern Consumers with Diversified and High-Quality Offerings

As highlighted in JD.com’s 2023 Import Consumption Report, JD.com has emerged as the largest sales channel for many international brands and imported goods in China. The company continuously enhances the quality of products to meet the diversified and personalized consumption trends of its customers. By establishing innovative models like national pavilions and overseas direct procurement, JD.com has created a “fast lane” for high-quality products from all over the world to enter the Chinese market.

Confidence in the Chinese Market

Denmark’s Minister Counsellor, Mr. Morten Kruse, and New Zealand’s Commercial Counsellor, Mr. Chris Metcalfe, both expressed confidence in the enormous consumption potential of the Chinese market. They eagerly anticipate more small and medium-sized brands, as well as new brands from their countries, entering the segmented Chinese market.

JD.com’s total procurement of imported brand goods reached 500 billion yuan from 2019 to 2022, exceeding the target of 400 billion yuan set at the 2nd China International Import Expo in 2019. This year, JD.com introduced the groundbreaking “Morning Dawn Initiative” to foster an open ecosystem by minimizing entry barriers for merchants, including overseas brands. The initiative simplifies entry processes, enabling Chinese consumers to enjoy an extensive selection of imported goods, enriching their shopping experience with a wider range of options.