Mar 11, 2022|’s Logistics Industrial Park in Xi’an Certified as Carbon Neutral


by Yuchuan Wang announced on March 9 that the company’s Xi’an Asia No.1 Logistics Industrial Park has been certified carbon neutral by China Beijing Environment Exchange and Centre Testing International Group. The park also marks the establishment of China’s first carbon-neutral logistics park.

JD’s Asia No.1 logistics park in Xi’an was put into use in 2019 and has deployed 100,000 square meters of rooftop solar PV to generate renewable electricity for the park’s operations. In addition to leveraging such green power, the park also constantly improves sorting and transportation processes, applies distributed air conditioning instead of traditional boiler rooms in certain areas, and widely uses new energy for special equipment and terminals. The outstanding emissions in 2021 were offset through CCER (China Certified Emission Reductions) with the support of China Beijing Environment Exchange.

A representative from Centre Testing International Group said that is leading the industry to promote dual carbon strategy and continues to contribute to sustainable development.

By the end of 2021, JD has completed installation of PV systems at 12 logistics parks. The company expects its PV system’s capacity to reach 1,000 MW in three years, aiming to provide green energy to 85% of JD’s intelligent industrial parks.

JD’s Asia No.1 logistics park in Suqian, Jiangsu province is actively promoting PV installation and comprehensive energy transformation, targeting to become carbon neutral in early 2023.