Nov 26, 2019|’s StarLink IoT Platform is the Future of Retail

This Singles’ Day, launched the world’s largest home appliance experience center –– JD E-SPACE –– in the city of Chongqing in western China. JD E-SPACE is the world’s first retail space to be completely covered by 5G, and has already been a resounding success. More than 10 million RMB worth of merchandise was sold in the first hour after opening.

This one-of-a-kind store is powered by JD’s StarLink IoT retail platform, a digital offline store middle platform that promises consumers a truly seamless interactive retail experience.

Already in use in over 10,000 offline stores across China, JD StarLink integrates over 1,000 different technologies and applications. It uses IoT, intelligent perception and identification technologies and more. The solution leverages’s partnership with Intel’s Open Retail Initiative, and the use of open-source EdgeX IoT middleware and Intel’s edge computing technologies. This allows for instant communication between instore smart devices, allowing for a seamless shopping experience for consumers, while streamlining data management for retailers. JD StarLink now provides comprehensive analysis for smart store management, operations and marketing. It covers traffic analysis, customer profile, new customer attraction, membership marketing, and more.

The JD StarLink platform enhances every aspect of the traditional brick and mortar store model, effortlessly melding online and offline commerce. For example, JD Smart Store Cam uses facial recognition to register shoppers’ basic attributes such as age, in order to recommend items and offer coupons, and the JD Cloud Shelf and the Interactive Shelf help shoppers to get more information about products, redeem discounts, and even visualize what a product might look like in their home. Consumers can even “try on” clothes with AR Fitting Room and pay for their purchases via facial recognition. The JD E-SPACE store in Chongqing boasts the largest number of digital price tags in the world, which adjust in real-time to reflect price changes and changes in inventory, while offering opportunities for consumers to receive discounts on products.

“JD’s StarLink IoT platform improves user experience and extends the length of time spent in store by providing valuable tools to analyze user attributes, transaction volumes and conversion rates and more,” said Miao Luo, Head of JD StarLink IoT Platform. “JD StarLink will continue to push the bounds of what is possible for dynamic consumer interaction, helping usher in an exciting new era in offline retail.”