Apr 27, 2021|

JD Courier Awarded the Highest Honor for Chinese Workers


by Yuchuan Wang

Ming Luo, a JD courier aged 31, was conferred the “medal of model worker” by the All-China Federation of Trade Unions on Apr. 27. He is one of the 1,197 individuals awarded the highest honor for Chinese workers ahead of International Labor Day on May 1. Luo is second recipient of this medal in JD. Mr. Xuewen Song, a JD courier in Beijing, won same honor in 2017.

“As an ordinary courier, I’m excited to receive such a high honor,” said Luo. “It’s a valuable experience for me to be recognized.”

Ming Luo, JD courier

Luo has delivered and collected over 200,000 parcels since he joined JD in 2016. He now works in a JD delivery station in Hanzhong, Shaanxi province, and is responsible for delivery to a few shopping malls and residential compounds in the area.

Luo is a man of few words, but a master of various skills. In 2019, he won first place in the Shaanxi Post Industry Skill Competition, in which he competed with over 60 of his peers on skills involving speed and dexterity. One of Luo’s skills is that glass goblets packed by him stay intact even after falling from a height of two meters.

His ability to ensure that parcels arrive undamaged has been described by clients as being “like magic,” with clients often requesting that he be assigned to deliver special packages. In 2020, he was named one of the “Most Beautiful Couriers” of Hangzhong, a title meant to honor couriers for beauty in spirit.

Luo knows every corner of Hanzhong, and is familiar with his many customers’ working hours so that he can arrange delivery tailored to their needs. Even during the height of COVID-19, he ensured the timely delivery of daily necessities to numerous customers. His earnest attitude and professionalism have earned trust and consideration from customers. One customer showed their appreciation for him: “She gave me a package of masks when COVID-19 was serious in China last year and I was deeply moved,” Luo recalled.

According to the State Post Bureau, China has over 4 million couriers. As a representative of this essential group, Luo has proved that even the most common job can generate great value to people and society.