Apr 27, 2021|

Jingxi Announces Its Mascot


by Ling Cao

Jingxi, a business group under JD.com focusing on lower tier markets, announced its mascot Niu Fangfang on Apr. 27.

Niu Fangfang (牛方方 in Chinese, which is literally translated as “Square Ox” and is mean to symbolize a “Straightforward Ox”) is an ox. It represents Jingxi’s philosophy of staying true to its original intention, being down-to-earth and reliable, and being honest and straightforward. It also reflects every ordinary person striving to make a living.

The choice of such a mascot is in line with Jingxi’s long-term objective to provide customers with high-quality and cost-effective products. During the Spring Festival in February of this year, Jingxi cooperated with over 1,000 brands and merchants online and offline to ensure livelihoods, as well as to provide non-stop delivery services.

Jingxi also helps its partners lower operation costs and improve efficiency. It has worked with several hundreds of industry chains across the country to help small and micro merchants expand beyond local markets and make a digital transformation.

In April, Jingxi opened its first store for baby and maternal products. By integrating omni-channel supply chain, logistics, marketing and technology capabilities, Jingxi  empowers the store with standardized decoration, pricing and inventory management, and provides training courses, helping merchants to make their businesses more sustainable.

A representative from Jingxi said, “In the future, Jingxi will continue to build a business model which seamlessly combines merchandise, traffic flow and operations, consistently to provide customers with products that has optimized cost and quality, as well as creates more value for partners, promoting the lower-tier market economy as a whole.”