Dec 11, 2020|

JD Courier Inspires College Graduate to Work for JD


by Kelly Dawson

In any year, the months leading up to graduation can be an uncertain time for university students. Faced with a competitive job market and the decision of choosing a career path, the future may feel equally full of possibilities and challenges. In 2020, those uncertainties have been compounded by the volatility of a global pandemic.

For one young woman, Siqi Wang, the pandemic set her on a path that will likely shape her future. At the beginning of the year, Wang was in the US following college graduation. She hoped to return to her hometown of Shanghai to work for an Internet company or foreign business, but after months of applying to jobs remotely with no luck, she had begun to consider working in the US. Then, COVID-19 happened.

In a moment of global uncertainty, Wang felt that she should return to her family. She flew to China, where she completed a mandatory two-week quarantine. As she regrouped, she considered her options, and decided to sign up to be a community volunteer in the fight against COVID-19.

At the height of the pandemic, hundreds of thousands of such volunteers led a massive effort across China, registering and taking the temperatures of residents as they entered and exited housing compounds, office complexes and other buildings. Wang was one of them.

During this time, couriers were forbidden to enter housing compounds. Meanwhile, ecommerce was surging as people spent more time at home. Parcel volume rose, with many couriers opting to simply leave the packages at the entrance. As Wang sat at her post, she observed that the JD courier assigned to the compound consistently went above and beyond the usual standard.

“When people weren’t home, the JD courier would always wait until they arrived or other arrangements could be made,” Wang said. No matter how cold the weather was, or how scary the pandemic conditions, the JD courier was there every day, waiting with a tarp on the ground and the packages placed safely, she recalled.

“When I saw that, I thought to myself that it must be a great company if even the most junior employees are that dedicated and accountable to customers,” Wang said. She decided she wanted to work for JD, and applied for a role.

After several rounds of interviews, she received the offer in April and officially became a member of JD’s new class of management trainees.