Apr 12, 2021|

JD Courier Praised by Renowned Host of China’s National TV


by Yuchuan Wang

Youhua Huang, a JD courier in Wuhan, performed a song with original lyrics during a special event held in Wuhan to promote renowned national TV host Hui Kang’s new book “Average Score” on Apr. 11. The event was joined by more than 2,000 fans.

Featuring lyrics by Huang and his colleague, the song was written to express gratitude for the frontline doctors and nurses who traveled to support the city during the height of the pandemic last year. This time, Huang sang to honor Kang, who has promoted Wuhan products to drive economic revitalization for the city.

“When winter goes and spring comes, when the cherry blossoms, let us meet again,” he sang.

Kang also visited one of JD’s delivery stations in Wuhan, which ensured delivery of emergency needs and donation to Jinyintan Hospital while the city was locked down last year. “These couriers are the great people who marched alone to support many others during the pandemic,” Kang praised of JD couriers like Huang.

Hui Kang (left) and Youhua Huang (middle)Hui Kang (left) and Youhua Huang (middle)

Huang is responsible for the delivery of JD’s parcels on the campus of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, and especially to international students. “To guarantee my service quality, I’ve been learning English and I can now communicate with them using simple English,” said Huang. He also helped the international students solve problems during the pandemic.

“Customers’ recognition makes me feel fulfilling, even though I’m just doing the most ordinary job.”