Apr 12, 2021|

JD Worldwide Promotes Bilateral Trade with Thailand


by Yuchuan Wang

JD Worldwide, JD.com’s international business, held a virtual business conference on Apr. 12 for merchants who are interested in doing export and import business between China and Thailand. The conference was held by JD’s cross-border ecommerce platform JD Worldwide, and the company’s e-commerce joint venture in Thailand, JD CENTRAL.

Ms. Jeeranun HIrunyasumlith, the Commercial Consul of Royal Thai Consulate-General in Shanghai said at the conference, “I hope that JD would not only be a platform to introduce and expand Chinese consumers’ access to more Thai products, but also provide an opportunity to strengthen bilateral trade between the countries and bring about sustainability and prosperity for both nations.”

Ms. Jeeranun HIrunyasumlith (right), Commercial Consul of Royal Thai Consulate-General in Shanghai and the host Xinai Zhou (left) from JD’s marketplace business

Despite the impact of COVID-19, the trade between Thailand and China has seen a steady increase. The bilateral trade volume reached US$ 80 billion in 2020, accounting for 18% of Thailand’s total global trade. According to Ms. HIrunyasumlith, the major exports from Thailand to China in 2020 were tapioca and rubber products, computers and parts, and fresh and dried fruits. The top major imports from China to Thailand were electronics, machinery and parts, and home appliances.

Ms. Jia Xiong, the business development manager at JD Worldwide responsible for the Thailand business introduced that JD will provide preferential benefits for merchants launching products on JD Worldwide or JD CENTRAL. For example, new merchants will be  waived fees of platform usage or warranty, with JD taking no commission in the first three months.

Ms. Jia Xiong, Thai business development manager at JD Worldwide

Merchants who are interested in importing Thailand products to China can contact Bo Zhang at +86 186-1116-1113. Those who want to do export business from China to Thailand can contact Yuanyuan Zhang at +86 136-7109-5713.