Apr 12, 2021|

Dr. Bowen Zhou Shares “Trustworthy AI” When Receiving Top AI Award of China


by Ling Cao

Dr. Bowen Zhou (left), Chairman of JD Technology Committee, along with Dr. Tianzai Jiang (middle), Director of the Institute of Automation at Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Licheng Jiao (right), professor at Xidian University, have won outstanding contribution awards under the Wu Wenjun AI Science & Technology Award, which is regarded as the highest award for intelligence science & technology in China. An award ceremony was held in Beijing on Apr. 10th to celebrate the 10th year of the award.


Dr. Zhou made two keynote speeches at the serial events. During one speech in Suzhou on Apr. 11, he spoke about the opportunities and challenges for trustworthy AI through industrial digitalization and intelligence.

Zhou shared, “The next step for AI is to achieve trustworthy AI, which means we need to solve challenges from technology aspects in robustness, explainability and reproducibility, as well as considering fairness, accountability, and value alignment for application at scale. In the next ten years, we will work with our partners to promote industrial digitalization.”


Dr. Zhou made another keynote speech in Shanghai on Apr. 12, in which he said that Trustworthy AI needs a systematic building process, and outlined how JD has continuously paved the way.

For example, Zhou emphasized how JD used AI to help increase efficiency and lower labor intensity in logistics, customer service and advertising. Zhou concluded, “Trustworthy AI cannot stand alone, it needs to be built block by block.”