Apr 21, 2021|

JD Customers in Henan Enjoy Instant Delivery of Electronic Products


by Rachel Liu

JD Daojia (JDDJ) expanded its on-demand delivery service to cover 500 offline computer and digital products stores in Henan province on Apr. 16, under the support of JD and a local service provider. Customers in Henan will be able to enjoy on-demand delivery service of electronic products, including customers from lower-tier markets.

The stores will also obtain support from JD on digital transformation, traffic and more resources. As digital transformation and omni-channel have become the trend for offline stores, launching the stores on JDDJ will enable them to receive more orders from the platform and reach more customers. On-demand retail platforms like JDDJ will offer new shopping scenarios for customers beyond offline stores or traditional online platforms.

“Through working with the stores, JDDJ can provide on-demand delivery service to more areas in Henan and improve customers’ shopping experience,” said Yan Shang, general manager of JDDJ Henan branch. “More stores from Henan will join JDDJ, and we hope to achieve full coverage of on-demand delivery of electronics and digital products in Henan.”

The trend of on-demand delivery service has expanded from consumer goods products to electronics, digital products and more. When Lenovo Y7000 P and HP OMEN 6 debuted on JD, JD Computer and Digital Products stores worked with JDDJ to deliver the new products to customers on demand for the first time.