Apr 21, 2021|

JD Brings Fresh Milk to Customers via Cold Chain


by Ling Cao

JD will bring tailor-made fresh milk to customers via its in-house cold chain logistics spanning the whole fulfillment process, beginning on Apr. 22. The milk will be sold via JD’s omni-channel platforms, including its e-commerce platform and offline supermarket chain SEVEN FRESH, and others.

Created by JD Fresh and New Hope Dairy, the milk is a pasteurized version with a seven-day shelf life. Customers can be assured of freshness thanks to JD’s ability to send the milk to customers’ doorsteps the same day that it is produced.

“We saw more and more customers care about a healthy lifestyle,” said Hui Yang, from JD Fresh’s fresh and frozen food department.  “They tend to buy milk with higher protein. Through the partnership with New Hope Dairy, we can not only meet the requirement from the product side, but also narrow down the middle suppliers from production to sales, as well as source the milk from the 100% dairy farm rather than captive breeding, ensuring the highest quality and making it cost-effective.”

The low-temperature fresh milk has market potential, though it has faced challenges such as short shelf life and the far distance from the dairy farm to sales destinations, with problems in transportation making it hard to reach to lower-tier markets.

Under the partnership, both companies can provide customers with milk from 11 dairy farms across China, with 150,000 cows in total, as well as two pasteurization production lines in Hebei and Zhejiang. More importantly, the network can be connected with JD’s 87 temperature-controlled cold chain warehouses covering 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, enabling fast and safe logistics and last mile delivery service.

Yang added, “Going forward, we will develop more new products, such as a low-fat version, with an aim to consistently match customers’ demands.”