Apr 15, 2021|

JD Customizes New Model for Louis Vuitton


JD.com and Louis Vuitton have launched a unique model. Through the model customized by JD for Louis Vuitton, consumers may type “LV” in the search bar on the JD app and enter LV’s official mini program to enjoy the brand’s exclusive shopping experience.

The unique model connects Louis Vuitton directly with JD’s high quality active customers, while providing immediate access to all Louis Vuitton products, further enhancing the luxury experience for JD consumers.

“We are thrilled to partner with Louis Vuitton to further enhance the Chinese e-commerce luxury experience,” said Kevin Jiang, president of international business, JD Fashion and Lifestyle. “This is an unprecedented model which provides a seamless shopping experience, enabling more high quality consumers to enjoy all that Louis Vuitton has to offer. JD will continue to innovate in China’s luxury market to provide an unmatched experience.”

Since embarking on its journey in the luxury market, JD has continued to create new, high quality shopping experiences for its customers. The company has launched JD Luxury Express, which provides chauffeured hand delivery of luxury products purchased, giving customers the joy and delight of an experience commensurate to shopping at a brands’ offline store.