Apr 15, 2021|

JD Worldwide Upgrades National Pavilion Program: Open, Diverse and Customized


by Ling Cao and Rachel Liu

JD Worldwide is upgrading its national pavilion program to provide more value for both merchants and customers. Announced on Apr. 15, which is the sixth anniversary for JD Worldwide, JD aims to introduce open, diverse and customized solutions for its partners. The upgrade includes a shift from primary focus on sales to integrating more cultural elements from the various countries involved in the pavilions project.

The pandemic has changed how institutions and merchants view e-commerce platforms. Luke Liu, general manager of business development under JD Worldwide said, “Previously our national pavilion mainly focused on selling products, while now we are including more cultural elements as continued requirements to support needs such as increased tourism between the two countries. For example, including a country’s travel guide, as well as information about its history and geography.”

JD will tailor the solutions for each pavilion, making it not only a sales channel, but also an integrated exhibition platform. For example, JD launched the Peru National Pavilion last November, which not only brings various iconic local products to Chinese consumers such as quinoa, alpaca gloves and health supplements, but also introduces the geography and culture of the country. JD Worldwide has also welcomed the Sri Lanka, Chile, Singapore national pavilions in the past year.

In addition, as part of the upgrading program, JD is planning to create a non-stop online world fair this year by organizing a series of such pavilions, enabling customers in China to buy whatever they want, wherever and whenever they want it.

Liu shared, “With years of operation, we have gained expertise in e-commerce, logistics and marketing for serving merchants all around the globe. The program shows our ambition to create a better environment for them, and we hope more and more partners will work with us. Together, we can improve the shopping experience for customers.”

The national pavilion program is also an easier way to help overseas SMEs enter the Chinese market, especially during COVID-19. Compared with opening a store selling a few vertical products, SMEs can use the stronger platform to display their products, while the pavilion can gradually be expanded to become a one-stop channel for customers.

Liu also shared that JD will expand the scale of the business according to consumer demand.  Prioritized categories to explore will include luxury, cookies of local specialties and more. JD will also look to directly source products from popular retail platforms such as PG Mall in Malaysia.

JD Worldwide’s National Pavilions project first began in 2015 to introduce a range of high-quality products from a given country, spanning multiple brands, providing best-in-class products sourced from around the world.


(ling.cao@jd.com; liuchang61@jd.com)