May 11, 2020|

JD Data: Chinese Consumers Are Creating More Comfortable and Healthy Living Space


by Rachel Liu

JD Big Data Research Institute released its 2020 Consumption Trends of Home and Life Products Report, showing that Chinese consumers care more about the comfort level of their living spaces.

Data finds that consumers have more diverse ways of using their living spaces. Post-1995 consumers are becoming the new force for home and life products consumption. Male consumers are more involved in kitchens, and the “health” became the key demand of home decoration as a result of COVID-19.

JD Data shows that about 40% of customers choose to read on the toilet. About 46% of customers choose to put tissues by their bedsides rather than books. And 24% of consumers put storage boxes for jewelry and cosmetics on their desks instead of study materials and office supplies.

The report also shows that post-1995 consumers are paying more attention to their sleeping quality. The y-o-y sales increase of latex pillows, memory foam pillows and fiber pillows among the group are all over 40%, and sales of silk quilts increased by 109% y-o-y.

Male customers are more involved in kitchens., In kitchen gadgets, shelves and disposable items, sales of male customers are 9% higher than that of female customers. For kitchen storage utensils, sales to male customers are 22% and 11% higher than that of female respectively. Male customers are also buying more computer desks, office  and gaming chairs. In particular sales of gaming chairs increased by 370% y-o-y.

With COVID-19 consumers pay more attention to healthy products when decorating their homes. On March 31st, during JD’s annual promotion for home decoration products, sales of germicidal lamps was 5 fold of the same period last year.