Mar 17, 2020|

JD Data: Poor Sleep Increases Sale of High-end Sleep-Aid Products


by Rachel Liu

On March 17th, JD Big Data Research Institute released the 2019-2020 Online Sleep-Related Product Report, indicating that China’s young urbanites are suffering from poor quality of sleep.

Based on research combining surveys that JD conducted with customers and big data analysis, the poor sleep quality is primarily due to work-related stress. This has led to a subsequent increase in the sale of more high-end and diverse sleep-aid products, including mattresses, health supplements and smart sleep-aid products.

The research shows that over 70% of customers have sleeping problems, with 51.4% of them born after 1990. The younger generation is getting worse sleep than the older generation. Over 71.5% of customers said that working overtime and work-related stress is the main cause. Geographically, the highest sales of sleep-related products come from Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, indicating that China’s major cities could also be “centers of stress”.

About 55% of customers surveyed believe more comfortable mattresses and pillows can most effectively improve their sleep. In 2019, the sales volume of latex mattresses and coconut palm mattresses surpassed that of traditional spring mattresses to become the best-selling ones on JD. Sales of portable mattress and antibacterial mattresses both increased over 10 times year-on-year in 2019. Pillows made of latex, lavender and buckwheat are also becoming popular.

Apart from comfortable beds, smart sleep-aid products emerged in popularity, such as sleep bracelets, smart sleep goggles, and Bluetooth meditation eye masks. In 2019, the sales of smart beds on JD increased 96% y-o-y.

Data from JD also pointed toward increasing sales growth in health supplements for sleep improvement. Melatonin is particularly popular among those born after 1980 and 1990. During COVID-19, consultation orders for insomnia and sleep improvement experts increased over 10 times y-o-y on JD Health’s online medical consultation platform.