Mar 18, 2020|

JD Cloud & AI Facilitates Launching of an E-commerce Platform in Hubei


by Yuchuan Wang

JD’s Cloud & AI has provided technology support for the launch of the “Jianghan Ecosystem Agricultural Mall” e-commerce platform. As of March 16th, the platform has more than 18,000 registered users and a total of 620,000 visitors.

It has provided nearly 475,000 kg of fresh fruit and vegetables, rice and grains, cooking oil, meat, eggs and other products to local residents in Jianghan oilfield area in Hubei province.

JD’s technology service has ensured the stable and efficient operation of the online mall, which is available to local residents via its website, official WeChat account and app. With JD’s e-commerce cloud service, which integrates the company’s capabilities in supply chain, logistics, AI and big data to offer value-added services, the Jianghan e-commerce platform is able to offer delivery to doorstep and pick up services. On February 1st, more than 1,480 households who had placed orders the day before received their items.

Impacted by COVID-19, the e-commerce platform which was originally planned to be launched in late February was put into operation early, on January 31st, with JD’s help. JD has helped enlarge the product offering leveraging its own supply chain. The company is also providing its cloud computing services and technology and operations training both locally and remotely.

In early February, the mall’s WeChat account also incorporated JD’s smart epidemic assistant through which users can get coronavirus related information and services. The smart epidemic assistant has been provided to clients in more than 50 cities, and users have consulted it more than two million times.